Project Vivant studio is a community based venue with holding workshops, classes, events, and exhibitions, with a focus on wellness and creative endeavours. Located in the heart of the plateau in Montreal, Quebec.  The concept is to bring the community together to connect, inspire, be inspired, exchange ideas and promote creativity. Giving artists of all mediums a platform by which they can promote themselves and their projects as well as being supported by their community. As well as provide a beautiful space to wellness practitioners a place to teach, work and share their ideas and energy.

     Project Vivant was created out of the need and desire to express and connect.  The mandate is simple and basic. We have this life and it's about living it.  It's been a great journey thus far with amazing connections made along the way.   I am always interested in getting to know another great creative.  If your a artist, a practitioner of yoga and or have a interest in both and the project, please feel free to contact me.  

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