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PART 1 & 2- Interview with Kim Zombik -PROCESS TALKS

The Process Project Montage

A reflection of interviews with artists by an artists from around the world, from emerging to established. Taking place in studios, live audiences and on the road. Discussing topics that range from inspirations, subject matter, to advice about the artistic flow and how to sustain a creative life. Subscribe today to see, watch and listen.


This was my last day in Cuba back in April.  I had set out the tripod and phone to document a bit of my process.  I was quickly joined by a curious Cuban boy.   Little did I know that what I was about to record was to be exactly how I would describe and express what Cuba means to me. You can set all your intentions and have your plans and ideas but in the end, you can't expect anything, and just need be open to whatever arises in that moment. That's the good stuff. When your not seeking, it finds you. This is Cuba, bursting, bustling, and alive. Full of calm to crazy moments, joy to hardships. It envelopes you, and can literally sweep you off your feet. Each trip I take there I learn a little bit more about their culture and who they are. I learn to take it as is for what it is. 
A few days ago, my Cuban artist friend started telling me about my life, he read things from my past, and present, which were true, I said but tell me about my future, what do you see, he said I can't see that, I said why, he said because it's all in your mind. 
And with that, the reminder that the present is all we have... learnt not from a zen Buddhist but a Cuban . So Cuba, Thanks for welcoming me back and keeping me warm. I enjoyed the ride, the music, the connections and conversations. Stay tuned for my observations of my travels and what I have been working on. Hasta pronto !!! .


A teaser for the creative process project dedicated to support, and promote creatives in the artistic process from all around the world.

THE PROCESS PROJECT film teaser / Havana, Cuba,/ 2017- Created and produced by Jennifer Cloutier