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An evening dedicated to promoting & supporting an artist in the creative process. 

     PROCESS TALKS was born from an idea to tell the story of an artist in the creative process. A chance for you the viewer to have a face to face encounter with artists of all genres. An evening for the advocacy for the arts, to be seen, heard and experienced beyond any border. Finally a opportunity for the community to get together and involved in supporting artists directly.

                                                                           THE EVENING INTENTIONS
INTERVIEW- Each artists will be invited to share their creative story and process through a live interview given between Jennifer and the artist. 

PROMOTION- Following the interview a brief presentation will be given by the artist, revealing their thoughts, pieces, and work past, present and future. Giving them a chance to share and promote their creative lives to the audience. 

Q & A.- Following the live interview and presentation, an opportunity will be provided to the community to ask questions directly to the artist.