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CASA BIANCA BED & BREAKFAST & PROJECT VIVANT studio invites you to the FIFTH SESSION / SUMMER EDITION of PROCESS TALKS. An evening dedicated to promoting & supporting an artist in the creative process.  

PROCESS TALKS was born from an idea to tell the story of an artist in the creative process. A chance for you the viewer to have a face to face encounter with artists of all genres. An evening for the advocacy for the arts, to be seen, heard and experienced beyond any border. Finally a opportunity for the community to get together and involved in supporting artists directly.


INTERVIEW- Each artists will be invited to share their creative story and process through a live interview given between Jennifer and the artist. 

PROMOTION- Following the interview a brief presentation will be given by the artist, revealing their thoughts, pieces, and work past, present and future.  Giving them a chance to share and promote their creative lives to the audience. 

Q & A.- Following the live interview and presentation, an opportunity will be provided to the community to ask questions directly to the artist.

WHEN - JULY 31st, 2018 

WHERE - CASA BIANCA BED & BREAKFAST TERRACE 4351 D'esplanade ,(Alternative location - PROJECT VIVANT STUDIOS 4152 St Laurent. 



INVESTMENT- $5.00 and plus, with proceeds going towards the setup, the process project and artists. 


Filmmaker- Kristina Wagenbauer

Born in Russia, Kristina moved to Lugano when she was 8 years old and she lived in the Swiss Italian city until she graduated in Communication Sciences at the University of Lugano. In 2010, Kristina moved to Montreal where she completed the Film Directing program at INIS. Since 2007 she has directed, written and produced several short-films. Her first feature Sashinka was supported by Telefilm Canada’s micro budget fund. Over the last few years, her work was showcased in several festivals including Locarno Film Festival, Regard sur le court-métrage in Saguenay, Off-Courts Trouville and Oberhausen Short Film Festival. Kristina also attended several prestigious workshops, including The Summer Film School at the Locarno Film Festival 2008, the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2011, and the Eave producer's workshop in 2014.

Singer/Songwriter- Lynda Thalie


     Resolutely universal, the singer-songwriter explores instruments and sounds during her travels to create exquisitely exotic albums.  Her pure voice harmoniously envelops a hybrid music where organic rhythms embrace modern sounds. 

Lynda Thalie has traveled with her audience and her music on four continents, with hundreds of shows in such legendary venues as the Olympia de Paris, at festivals and events as prestigious as the Olympic Games, garnered multiple nominations .

Always on the lookout for new vocal experiences, she was chosen for the French dubbing of the voice of Wonderwoman in the latest movie "Batman Vs Superman”.

Lynda Thalie is also an inspiring speaker. While presenting musical lectures for schoolchildren and various organizations, sharing her journey as an immigrant / refugee, human and artist, Lynda Thalie refines the preparation of new works and follows the inspiration for writing. With a  collection of children's books to be published in 2017. She leaves a hanging mystery on her upcoming projects, including the creation of a documentary series planned for 2018.

Last June she has the pleasure to present a documentary on children’s refugees in Athens for the international refugees day.  Her next humanitarian trip is planned for Senegal in January 2019.


In addition to this evening, The Host Jennifer Cloutier will be a revealing her latest chapter to her ongoing project called the Process.  Sending it to the airwaves in the form of a podcast called the PROCESS TALKS.  A creative, raw, and unfiltered podcast featuring conversations with Artists by an Artist on the creative process and artistic journey. Covering topics that range from what it takes to go from an idea to the final product, mediums of choice to express, to what it means to create and what is the purpose in the first place. Revealing each of their unique stories from how they got their start, to sharing their inspirations, mentors, struggles and adversities. Documenting a range of creatives worldwide, in all genres, from emerging to established. 

Subscribe today to the PROCESS TALKS on ITUNES. More platforms will be made available in the future. 


The host - Jennifer Cloutier  

A photographer, painter and the creative entrepreneur and the director/producer to The process project.

Earlier Event: April 6
Later Event: October 3