Stroll with Jennifer as she meanders through the backstreets of havana, revealing some of her gems of this vibrant urban space, sharing with you her flaneur tips and tricks to the "The Art of Observing".  

 What's the plan? To walk, observe and explore the streets with no destination in mind. Jen will be your map. Letting go of any stress, worries of planning, and researching the city, she has done the work for you.  These walks are meant for you to focus on the moment and everything that surrounds you.  Like a spectator in an audience, your job is merely to receive it.

Taking in the patterns and textures of the buildings, the sounds of kids playing and the motors of a chevy car passing you. There is no better place for inspiration then Havana.  It has something for everyone.  Art, architecture, vintage cars, and music sweet sweet music.  

     This walk puts aside the idea of getting to a destination but more about enjoying the process and simply the act of walking.  It will be casual and open to allow the moment take front stage