OCTOBER 24th, 2015


      Come Join us this fall as we kickstart Le Flaneur Urban Retreats in the artistic, cultural city of Montreal. Bringing the Art of Observation to the forefront of it all, we will explore YOGATHE ARTS , and Food to bring you on a adventure of the senses.   As the seasons starts to change from one to the another,  physically, mentally and emotionally we undergo changes as well.  Taking time to ground yourself and find focus again can ease with this transition.   Among the hustle and bustle of this urban space, we invite you to take this opportunity to practice mindfulness. Slowing down, checking in and observing.. Getting in tune with yourself, your community and expanding outwards to include all that surrounds you , as the moments unfolds.   

Treat yourself to a day of being a Flaneur , a Urban explorer.

Learn  techniques to become a better witness, Not only to yourself but to the people you cross paths with on the streets,  the spaces that you encompass, the sounds , the textures, the light, the shadows,  the patterns, the inhales and the exhales. Without labeling, simply noticing.  Stimulating your senses to live a fuller, authentic expression of yourself.  Penetrating your experience of the present. Being open to finding beauty and art in the places you least expect it.

      This exploration begins with you. Starting each adventure with the mindful methods of Meditation and Yoga.  Giving you a chance to be still to find your roots and get grounded.   After this, its time to look around, listen, feel and experience life as it happens.  We will start out adventure at the PROJECT VIVANT studios.  We will take some time to be still, and started noticing exactly is happening as the moments unfold.  Taking time to set the intention for the day..  

    After, we will find movement through a asana practice as I guide you through a Vinyasa flow with a focus on balance , grounding and stability.  Accompanying us for the sense of hearing,  we will have of live musicians on hand.   

    Immediately following this, we will focus on the healing aspects of touch.  Demonstrating massage techniques, to calm and soothe the nervous system , revitalizing and re -nourishing the skin through the harshest seasons. 

    At the end of all this …I invite you to my table to gather as a community,  to enjoy a meal and share your thoughts over a culinary experience of healthy seasonal food and drinks. As a special quest and a friend , we welcome Kam Thye Chow to give a dharma talk on his knowledge of Ayurvedic practice, well being, and mindfulness.

    The workshop will come to a close here but the celebration continues later on in the evening. Celebrating the launch and keeping with the theme of observing, the open night of exhibition of “Street Photography” Commences. 

PHOTO SUBMISSIONS INFO HERE-deadline Oct 19th, 2015


10:00am- Meet up Project Vivant studios- Intention setting 

10:30am-12:00pm- Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class+ Live Music by Brian D'Oliveira

12:00pm-1:30pm- Gathering+ Lunch+ Dharma Talk by Kam Thye Chow.

8:30pm- Launching Party/Opening Exhibition “ Street Photography”

Flaneurs Involved

Jennifer Cloutier- Host, Guide, Yoga Instruction.

Volunteer- Kam Thye Chow


Brian D'Oliveira -https://soundcloud.com/briandoliveira/desert-of-the-mind


Launching Party- NO passport is needed, admission is free but donations are welcomed to continue holding these adventures.  All currency welcome.

WHERE- Project Vivant Studios- 4152 St Laurent Apt 402

A Reservation by email or phone is needed to secure your spot for the YOGA +LUNCH part of the Adventure.  Get in touch with me today .