Photographs taken by Jennifer Cloutier.


Looking for a truly AUTHENTIC and INTIMATE experience. A place where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, to reconnect, recharge, and renourish yourself?

  The time is NOW, to visit CUBA!

JOIN us, in embracing the simple idea of "Mindfulness".  Take time to slow down, tune into yourself, others, and everything that surrounds you as the moment unfolds.  A weeklong, all inclusive pass to rediscover your senses.  Focusing on THE ARTS, CULTURE & WELLNESS to bring you a truly authentic adventure that will leave you restored, balanced and recharged.  This adventure will take you to 3 different places in Cuba. Beginning in the vibrant, cultural city of Havana,  making our way through the country by car to the breathtaking valley of Vinales.  Finally ending our trip in the quaint Colonial town of Trinidad. 


  • 7 nights/ 8 days Accommodation

  • Daily Yoga Classes (optional) before breakfast or dinner.

  • Freshly locally sourced meals daily. 7 breakfasts, 1 farm to table lunch, 5 dinners.

  • Creative mindful exercises with a focus on the 5 senses

  • Excursion to local "Organoponico", urban organic farm (Includes farm to table lunch)

  • Salsa Lesson

  • Yoga with Local Live Music

  • Locally guided Flâneur Walks (Beach, Mountains, Streets )

  • Locally guided tour of the town of Trinidad, Vinales and Havana (History, Culture, Arts)

  • Guided Visit to Studios of Local Artists and Artisans

  • Salsa, Flamenco and Afro-Cuban Dance Performances

  • Ground transfers (To and from Retreat Excursions)


  • Airfare

  • Travel &Health Insurance

  • Cuban Travel Tax 25 CUC ( Local Currency) Around $33.oo CDN

  • Optional Activities

  • Airport transfers ( Available upon request for an additional charge. Shared transfers can be arranged for guests arriving at similar times

  • Alcohol Beverages

  • Gratuities

PACKAGE PRICE - $1875.00 tax included. 


NOVEMBER 2-9, 2019 - Limited to 8- BOOK NOW



Each guest will be staying in an authentic Casa Particular, ideally located in the centre of town. Like Bed & Breakfasts, Casa Particulars, are private homesteads, each revealing its own unique charm.


Organic healthy meals will be freshly prepared and served daily; we are happy to try to accommodate vegetarian diets and other dietary needs.  Continue the adventure of the senses by exploring the tastes and flavours of authentic Cuban cuisine in a colonial-style home. Venture out for a lunchtime excursion to taste the delights of a local "organoponico" an urban organic garden, enjoying a truly farm to table experience.  Witness firsthand the impressive sustainable organic farming that is happening in Cuba and savour all the delights the landscape has to offer.


Additional Information


Le Flaneur Retreats/ Workshops is designed for ALL!!!  

It is open to singles & couples of all levels & walks of life. That are interested in the ARTS, CULTURE and WELLNESS of CUBA.   This program steps away from the technical aspect of creation and focuses more on the process. Learning techniques to the Art of Observing using the senses.   Jennifer's unique program is adaptable, from working artists to those just curious about awakening, exploring and developing their creative sides.  If your looking for an truly authentic place to experience and relax at the same time, this Cuban retreat is for you. 


Cuba is truly authentic.  A city frozen in time.  It forces you to disconnect from the high pace hustle and bustle, to reconnect with yourself, others and everything happening " real time".  It's the perfect place to be a flaneur- an observer, as life moves slower here, giving you that much needed chance to catch your breath to enjoy each experience for what it is.  The people are vibrant, beautiful and truly genuine.  They hide behind nothing, revealing their true colours.  History is written on their faces, on the buildings you pass, the places you stay, the cars you ride in, the music you hear, the art and Culture you see. It's all there, alive and beautiful. Then their are the natural attractions.  Which Cuba has always been known for.  The sun, the clear blue waters, the white sandy beaches, mountains and lush valleys.  I believe Cuba has something for everyone, from the outdoor enthusiasts, explorers, artists, history buff, to the people who just want a quiet place to relax and check in. 


3 words,  personalized, intimate, an authentic.  This retreat steps away from the all inclusive style that Cuba is known for.  It is designed to immerse you right into the Cuban culture and Arts and be connected with the Cuban people.   So you can come away from this experience feeling like you truly have explored and experience the island for what it is.   I've spent several years traveling there, meeting and connecting with the people.  Ive hunted down the perfect spaces and places that truly reflect Cuba.  Including the lush landscapes, breathtaking beaches,  beautiful lodging, and delicious authentic meals.   


We are proud supporter of the Cuban people.  Using local guides, staying in Cuban casa particulars and eating at traditional Cuban restaurants.  The whole retreat is based on getting to know an authentic Cuba, which of course includes the people.  


Coming soon, a post on what to expect while in Cuba and from this adventure. 


$1875 - Deposit - A non-refundable Deposit of $500.00 per person is required to reserve your spot.  The final payment must be paid a month prior to departure.  Book 6 months in advance to receive $100.00 savings. 

****All rooms are double occupancy unless single occupancy is requested at an additional fee  


Book today !!!! To ensure an intimate and authentic experience,  the workshop is limited to 8 people.  


Purchasing both Health and Travel insurance is advised to give you that peace of mind.


We recommend looking on the following websites to book flights to the Cuba. These are mainly from Canada.  WESTJET, CUBANA AIRLINES,  SUNWING,  AIRTRANSIT and AIRCHINA. Also there has been recent American chartered flights departing daily.  Find the one nearest to you.  Please don't hesitate to ask about online sites with cheap flights. The closet international airport is HAVANA for arrival and Santa Clara Airport for Departure. 

PAYMENT- Can be made through cash, cheque, or e-transfer.  Can be made in instalments. 

F.A.Q- coming soon



Please forward your flight itinerary so that we can coordinate airport transfers with others arriving at the same time. 





***ALL RETREATS WILL INCLUDE ARTISTIC + CULTURAL Itineraries with the theme of Observation.  YOGA CLASSES IS OPTIONAL and a wonderful ADD ON to your day and retreat experience.  Beginner to Advance are welcome and classes will be done in the morning before breakfast or the evening before dinner. 

A Typical Day:




Each day will open with a brief checkin and exercise about creative awareness through exploring the senses.  Jennifer will be sharing her personal experience as a trained yoga instructor as well as photographer and painter to teach this unique program on act of mindfulness and observation.

(Optional)  Trained as a yoga instructor, Jennifer offers yoga classes daily.  Add a yoga class either in the morning  or evening dinner.  A great way to stretch out for your day ahead or after a long day of exploring.        



FLANEUR WALKS : One of the highlights to this tour is the Flaneur Walks.  Join Jennifer as she leads us on walks through the streets, valley, beach, practicing the morning's creative exercises.  Making plenty of time to stop and fully engage in the direct experience.  SEEHEARFEELSMELL and TASTE, exactly what is there: good or bad, without judgement, staying mindful and open to each experience as it unfolds.  



This retreat focuses on art in all forms.  Noticing that art resides in everything and everywhere.  We take time to become more aware and curious.   Realizing that as observers of life , we are all artists. We all have a way of capturing,  processing and expressing what we see. The exercises learnt in the morning will help you become more alert to life in the present.   Bringing a focus back to the process of creativity and less on achieving the final product.   We will learn to look and react without judgement or filtering in the moment.   This experience, not only awakens the artist within by inspiring and nourishing,  creativity and desires but also immerses, informs and inspires through local artists, musicians, dancers, and artisans.


 Cuba is soaked deep in a rich history and exudes a proud and vibrant culture. Home to big communities of painters, photographers, dancers, musicians and artisans. Throughout the week we will not only be bringing in and incorporating dancers and musicians into the program to perform but also stepping out into the streets to visit the local artists in their studios. Getting a more intimate look at both the traditional and modern day Cuban art scene.   We will also dive into the history of Cuba and each city and little town we visit,  with a tour and presentation that will highlight the historical landmarks, unique architecture and many facets that make Cuba a complete gem that is just waiting to be discovered.    


SIDE NOTE- Click on the box below to check out Jennifer’s latest project in which she is promoting Cuban creatives through a documentation of their work, in their studios. Follow and subscribe to, watch, read and listen to interviews about the creative process and artistic journey.

Other optional activities- There are plenty of activities to do and even more places to explore, just ask...i trust that you will never go bored. 

  • Horseback riding

  • Snorkelling/Scuba Diving

  • Bike trips

  • Waterfall excursions

  • Beaches (Playa Ancon, La Boca, Playa Este)

  • Nearby towns- (Santi Spiritus and others)

  • Guided Cultural tours

  • Mountains Hikes

  • Galleries (Artistic, Historical)


Pictures, regardless of how they are created and recreated, are intended to be looked at. This brings to the forefront not the technology of imaging, which of course is important, but rather what we might call the eyenology (seeing). - Henri Cartier-Bresson


yoga bio pic.jpg

     JENNIFER CLOUTIER -Guide/ Facilitator / Teacher

Jennifer has always felt the need to explore, observe and create.  As an artist, yoga instructor, and avid traveler, she unites these three passions through the theme of Observation, the guiding principle behind Flaneur WALKS & TALKS & MINDING THE SENSE WORKSHOPS . Born in a Maidstone Ontario, she attended the University of Windsor, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on painting and Art History. While traveling  Australia she later discovered, a passion for photography and has since, traveled extensively throughout Mexico,  U.S.A, Europe, Prague, Guatemala, El Salvador, Japan, South East Asia, Nepal and Cuba, feeding her creative spirit with art and adventures. 

Jennifer has been practicing yoga for over 15 years.  She was drawn to it for reasons of finding focus and balance in her life.  As an Artist, she found that yoga both calmed her mind and refuelled her creativity and energy.  Recognizing all the great benefits that yoga had given to her over the years, she eventually wanted to share them with others.  Since becoming trained as a yoga teacher at the Yandara Institute in Baja California in 2009, she has taught extensively in studios, gyms, abroad, and privately, and holds regular classes at the Casa Bianca B&B where she also works as a house manager.  She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, where she hosts events & workshops to promote wellness and creative endeavours through  PROJECT VIVANT. A  creative collective housed in her beautiful loft.

 Jennifer strives to provide a space for people to let go, relax, create, and fully connect with themselves and others.  Warm and outgoing, she is a calming and joyful presence who loves discovering new experiences and sharing them with others. Let her guide you through a fully immersive and mindful adventure of the senses and forge an authentic connection with the land, people and gorgeous sights of Cuba. Discover new passions – contact Flaneur Retreats today..


 Part of the mandate of the Flaneur Workshops is to give back to the local community in whatever way we can.  There are numerous ways to do so.   Each visit we make, a Humanitarian donation bag will be brought to help in the themes of art and wellness.  Offering new and used tool and supplies to those in need to enable their creative potentials. Please ask, for which supplies are needed the most and how to give.  If you can not make it on this tour but would like to donate, please feel free to contact me and I will gladly put your donation into the right hands.