CC PROJECT- The Process 

     The CC project highlights, promotes and supports artists of all genres.  

The first C standing for Creative and the second C standing for Cuba and Canada. Born from a curiosity to document and observe The PROCESS, an artist takes to go from the idea to the finish product.


A project that led to a self inquiry on my own creative process.   Choosing the island of Cuba as my backdrop and inspiration, I set out for a month long solo trip, bringing a camera, and sketchbook.  Taking this time, I hit the streets to Observe, Explore and Create.  Meeting talented artists along the way.  The CC project is a extension of my creative process to include the talented artists both in Cuba and in Canada that I have met along my journey. 

The idea- To highlight, support and promote Cuban and Canadian artist of all genres in their surroundings. Featuring their work and their creative process. The process- a documentation through photography, video, and a short interview.  The goal, to share these talented artists with a wider audience through different social media platforms and curated exhibitions. To bridge two artistic communities together. 


ARE YOU A CC...Let's chat then...

I'm very excited for you the viewers to follow along with me and meet these incredible creative beings.  I am in the process of interviewing Canadians, and will be returning to Cuba this year to expand my coverage.  If you are a artist or know of an creative being that should be featured, please feel free to get in touch with me. I am also looking for translators.  If you are such a person skilled in languages, please feel free to email me and let me know your location and where or when you could help.