CC PROJECT- The Process 

     The CC project highlights, promotes and supports artists of all genres.  

The first C standing for Creative and the second C standing for Cuba and Canada. Born from a curiosity to document and observe The PROCESS, an artist takes to go from the idea to the finish product.


A project that led to a self inquiry on my own creative process.   Choosing the island of Cuba as my backdrop and inspiration, I set out for a month long solo trip, bringing a camera, and sketchbook.  Taking this time, I hit the streets to Observe, Explore and Create.  Meeting talented artists along the way.  The CC project is a extension of my creative process to include the talented artists both in Cuba and in Canada that I have met along my journey. 

The idea- To highlight, support and promote Cuban and Canadian artist of all genres in their surroundings. Featuring their work and their creative process. The process- a documentation through photography, film, and a short interview.  The goal, to share these talented artists with a wider audience through different social media platforms and curated exhibitions. To bridge two artistic communities together. 


ARE YOU A CREATIVE? Lets talk then...

I'm very excited for you the viewers to follow along with me and meet these incredible creative beings.  I am in the process of interviewing Canadians, and will be returning to Cuba in the future to continue my documentation and expand my coverage.  If you are a artist and want to share your story and or know of an creative being that should be featured, please feel free to get in touch with me.   Also, if you are such a person skilled in languages, please feel free to email me and let me know your location and where or when you could help. 

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I am also looking for those individuals who are skilled in languages to work with.  If you are a translator with the languages of English, French and Spanish .